Unique Argentine cover delivers $37,500 at Cherrystone's rare stamp sale

Cherrystone's auction of rare stamps from around the world was completed on April 7. In amongst the classics from the Italian States and Columbia one of the highlights was an early Argentine cover.

It combines an 1867 Rivadavia (imperforate and un-watermarked) with a 5c rose red, 10c green and 15c blue. The first two boast large margins all around, whilst the last one has a small cut and nick at bottom, cancelled by an oval of dots in black.

They appear on a registered coverfront addressed to Santa Fe, paying 30 Ctvos rate, with the circular date stamp of Buenos Aires August 3, 67 alongside, also "Certificado" in blue.

Argentine cover
A unique combination: the $37,500 Argentine cover

The piece itself had been folded and horizontally and vertically, strengthened along the folds and in other places on back.

The letter-front was actually used as a receipt for the contents and is signed and dated on back by the addressee Mr. Guerin ("recibe de la carta August 7, 1867"), signed Herbert Bloch, with certificates from Peter Holcombe (1991) and Philatelic Foundation (2004).

Previously part of the collections of Schatzkes, Juan B Depetris, Norman Hubbard and Ing. Carlos Etchart, it was used as an illustration in Victor Kneitschel's "Catalogue de los Sellos Postales de la Republica Argentina, 1958 edition" (page 277).

This is a unique piece bearing all three values and one of the most important items of Argentine philately. It clearly impressed investors too as the piece was quickly pressed past its $25,000 estimate to sell for $37,500. 

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