The story of America in stamps, autographs and other collectibles

Floyd E Risvold compiled a vast collection of Americana over 50 years, based around letters and rare covers. It is now to be put up for an enormous 1,298 lot auction by Spink Shreves.

The collection of stamp covers, photographs, books and autographs spans back in time to the colonial period and offers a significant amount of material to provide a history for all the states.

Particularly impressive is the number of pieces representing parts of American history such as the early Indian wars, Fur Trade companies, the Civil War, Mormons & Utah, railroads, steamboats and Pony Express letters.

Many of the pieces have not been on the market in decades, and represent unique opportunities for a collector.

To pick an example, a cover campaigning for Jefferson Davis (who became the President of the Confederate States of America) sent eight days before the Civil War was triggered at Fort Sumpter, would be a piece cherished by any philatelist or collector of Americana.

Jefferson Davis campaign cover confederate
Jefferson Davis campaign cover

Highlights of the collection will be on view in London on January 19-20, along with any material which Risvold collected which is relevant to Britain. The live auction will take place in New York on January 23-26, though it is already possible to place bids online.


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