Tangible assets help investors fight high inflation

Tangible assets are helping investors fight back against inflation.

Inflation in the UK now stands at 5.0% according to the UK Consumer Prices Index (CPI), far above the Bank of England's 2% target.

In China the consumer prices figure is at 5.5%. In the US it sits at 3.5%.

With the value of money in the bank becoming increasingly less valuable, investors need to act to ensure that their hard earned cash is not thrown away through inactivity.

An increasing number of investors are now diversifying into alternative assets, including coins, art, world class autographs and manuscripts, and rare postage stamps.

Postage stamps such as the 1935 2½d Prussian Blue.

The Prussian Blue is one of the rarest, and most sought-after, stamps of Great Britain.

The Stanley Gibbons Concise Catalogue reveals that the stamp has enjoyed a 9.85% pa value rise since 2007, far outstripping the rate of inflation.

In 2007 an unmounted mint (the highest grade possible) example was valued at £10,000 ($15,600). In 2011 the Index now lists the stamp at £16,000 ($24,980).

Part of the appeal is the rarity of the stamp. Only 200 examples are thought to exist in unmounted mint condition today.

In addition, the demand for classic stamps continues to grow, with an estimated 48 million stamp collectors around the world, including 18m in China alone.


prussian blue stamp

We have a single superb unmounted mint example currently available for £15,000 (approx. $23,400): a 6.25% saving on the index price. The stamp is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity stating it to be genuine. As with all our stock items, you will also receive our personal lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

This is a remarkably popular postage stamp, both with collectors and investors. Only 200 unmounted Prussian Blues are known to exist. Of those we are lucky to handle around half a dozen each year.

To secure this stamp for your portfolio please contact us;


+44 (0) 117 933 9503

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