Stamps of the king who threw it all away

On December 10th, 1936 King Edward VIII signed the documents that ended his 235-day reign. 

Those quick strokes of a pen triggered an avalanche of consequences in the UK and the British Empire.  

They helped to make these stamps precious and collectible philatelic rarities.

Today you can own:

  • A celebratory stamp issue halted by Edward's unprecedented abdication
  • 2 imprimatur pairs, both of them genuine museum pieces 
  • A rare Empire stamp showing Edward as Prince of Wales 

Edward VIII's unusual reign is a magnet for collectors and investors alike.

It's hard to imagine more distinguished examples in better condition than these four stamps.

I've recently sold 6 high-value sets of stamps from Edward's reign very quickly. All were over £5,000.

With the nation's eyes on another - hopefully more successful - coronation I expect competition for these to be even tougher. 

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Great Britain 1936 1½d Red-brown imprimatur, SG459var


Here it is. One of the most sought-after rarities of the reign. This is an imprimatur - an example printed off immediately a plate is finished and ready for use.

It's also imperforate, another distinction. 

The "uncirculated" condition of this tête-bêche pair is unimpeachable. It has never been mounted and has full, original gum. 

The provenance is superb too. It was once in the National Postal Museum, and is marked on the reverse with an 'NPM IMPRIMATUR' handstamp on reverse. 

Click here and this wonderful stamp can be yours now

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Great Britain 1936 1d Scarlet imprimatur, SG458var


This wonderful stamp was purchased from the National Postal Museum. Its provenance cannot be doubted and is confirmed by the "NPM IMPRIMATUR" stamp on the reverse side. 

It's in superb, unmounted mint condition and will grace your collection.

The 1d scarlet imprimatur can be yours when you click here

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Great Britain 1936 (April 29th) 4d King Edward VIII Accession Essays, SG460var


Essays are a wonderful speciality of King Edward VIII's reign. This is one of the best.

A single example is listed for £1,500 in the Stanley Gibbons Specialised catalogue, volume 2. You benefit from a keenly priced block of four here.

Printed on April 29th, 1936, this is a stamp that never was for a coronation that never was. 

The watermark, GvR, records Edward's father, George V.

Edward personally approved the photographs, taken by Bertram Park, for use on stamps. 

This block, showing the king in Seaforth Highlanders uniform, is in very fine condition. They are on gummed, watermarked, ordinary lightly coated paper. 

Set on the card on which they were sent from the printers, they are a wonderful display item. 

Secure this block of unissued Edward VIII stamps today

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Newfoundland 1932-38 4c carmine 'Prince of Wales' (King Edward VIII), perforations 14 (line), SG224bb.


A wonderfully priced entree to an Edward VIII collection, this fine, engraved portrait is from Newfoundland, Canada. 

Edward was Prince of Wales from June 1910. 

This vertical pair is in fine mint condition with original gum and given further attraction by the unusual lack of perforations between the stamps. 

Click here to buy the unused Newfoundland 1932 Prince of Wales

Hidden in these stamps is a detail of Edward's character that perhaps led to his abdication. 

The standard profile should - according to a relatively young tradition - have faced to the right, the opposite way to his father's portrait. 

But Edward wanted an image that showed his side parting and broke yet another piece of royal protocol. 

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The story of the postal system is encapsulated in these pieces: the design process, the slow movement of the postal machine, the king's personal involvement.

Each would be a significant item in a major collection. 

I know Edward VIII stamps sell. I've seen it enough times to be sure. 

And the timing couldn't be better. 

There's no risk. 

Everything we sell has a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. 

And a 28-day no-quibble returns policy. 

Ask about payment terms.

It's that easy. But act quickly. 

Call me on +44 (0)117 933 9500, reply to this mail or write to

I can't wait to pack and send your new acquisition. 

Until next time,


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