Stamp collection featuring pieces from Great Britain to Hong Kong almost trebles its estimated price

Last week's three day sale of rare stamps at Christoph Gärtner Philatelic offered collectors a unique opportunity to invest in pieces from around the world. 

Highlights included a unique mint block of six Tugrali 20 stamps printed in black on yellow thin paper which were valued at £5,800.

With the variety of stamps on offer from all over the world, it was perhaps appropriate that a collection encompassing the global appeal of stamp collecting would be the star lot of the sale.

The "All World" collection of stamps was presented in an old French "Album Lemaire" and offered mostly mint stamps alongside a few used and notably rare stamps. As Christoph Gärtner Philatelic were quick to note the lot offered "enormous catalogue value" which was "seldom offered in a complete book."

Europe is heavily represented in the collection with features French stamps featuring imperfections on designs with Napoleon.

Bavarian stamps featured

German stamps are also included in the collection with first issue German Reich stamps, alongside Bavarian stamps and other German states. Particular highlights included four black Bavarian 1 Kr. Stamps and a Württemberg 70 Kr. mint condition piece.

Italian stamps from the states of Sicily, Modena and Naples, to name but a few, also feature alongside Spanish rarities that included a used block of four Isabella 6c stamps and several unused 19c stamps.

Scandinavia is also heavily represented in this unique collection, with unused Icelandic Skilling issues offering a particular highlight, as well as five 4sk Lion Norwegian stamps and a 3 Sk green Swedish stamp alongside a 24 Sk. Red ms. Cancel.

No collection would be complete without rare British stamps. The collection featured three Penny Black stamps, as well as other British rarities.

Swiss stamps also featured prominently in the collection with a Basel Dove, Geneva pair and an unused Winterthur stamp were also amongst the top pieces of the collection.

Rare stamps from Greece, Turkey and Romania also featured from Europe.

The collection also boasted stamps from Hong Kong with a mint condition 1891 Jubilee stamp amongst the top pieces, as well as state stamps from India and even pieces from Macau in China.

And yet these were only the beginning.

The truly global collection also included rare stamps from Africa with a Cape of Good Hope stamp and Acores with Antonius of Padua also present in a complete mint set. Furthermore, 1d and 2d stamps from Mauritus could be found in the lot.

Canadian Stamps featured

Whilst from across the Atlantic, stamps from the Caribbean and Central and South America featured with particular attention to pieces from Brazil and Uruguay.

Stamps dating back to 1851 from Canada and a mint condition 1897 jubilee stamps offered yet more diversity to the collection.

And naturally the United States featured  with an 1847 5c unused stamp alongside a 1869 90c mint condition Lincoln, 1893 Columbus part set from 30c to $5 in mint condition and an 1898 Omaha mint grouping from 50c up to $2 which all helped to add to the investment value of the lot.

To add further emphasis to the global nature of the collection, stamps from Australia and Oceania also featured prominently in the lot.

Five Western Australia swans, and a Fiji Times Express Post were also included alongside imperforated New Zealand Chalon Heads  and a 20s Queensland rose stamp, as well as countless others.

All in all, the lot offered an unparalleled collection of stamps from around the world. And while some were arguably worth more than others, the collection was given a valuation of £41,350 ($63,500). However, this clearly underestimated the global appeal of such a collection.

Once up for sale, a bidding war ensued for the unique lot. The outcome was a final sale price of £117,340 ($180,200).  The price was 134.7% above the estimated price, in further proof of the continuing growth of global stamp market.


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