Scarsdale United States Revenue stamps bring quality rarely seen to the market

Siegel is continuing the series of auctions connected to the Scarsdale collection. This time a magnificent selection of United States Revenue stamps is on offer.

The first Scarsdale auction was held in April 2006, and the last (Part Five) was held in October 2007, so collectors will be delighted to see the collection back.

Those portions of the Scarsdale Collection are particularly famous for the extraordinary quality of each stamp chosen by the collector known as 'Scarsdale'. The collection is no different.

The piece de resistance is a $5,000 Bright Green, Series 1944 Overprint, Stock Transfer serial no. 170, appearing as the top right stamp on a document which also bears a pair and single of $100.00 "Series of 1945" Overprint (RD206), a single of $500.00 "Series of 1945" Overprint (R434), two pairs of $100.00 "Series of 1945" Overprints (R433) and also eight other stamps ranging from 10c through $30.00.

Seven (including the RD185B) are tied by perforated initials "LT & Co.+8-6-45", whilst others are either cut or manuscript cancels.

This unique example of the $5,000.00 "Series 1944" stock transfer issue, used on its original document is a remarkable artifact and regarded as the most important stock transfer issue in existence. It is being offered at auction for the first time.

Scarsdale Series 1944 overprint stamp stock
Scarsdale Series 1944 overprint stamp stock

The $5,000.00 denomination of the "Series 1944" overprint was not known to exist until this document was discovered. Its existence was logically assumed, because the $5.000.00 value was issued as part of the other years' series.

Whatever the reason for its rarity, proof of the $5,000.00 "Series 1944" did not surface until a few years ago, when a descendant of one of those involved in the transaction brought this document and others to a stamp show, where it was recognized by noted dealer Richard Friedberg, who brokered the sale to Scarsdale.

It is available with a listing of $70,000 in Siegel's auction which takes place in New York on November 3.


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