Safe haven investments: gold 'speculators' seek viable alternative

Investors are being warned that gold is currently a risky investment, despite its strong performance during the financial crisis.

, told the BBC that gold "remains in bubble territory", adding that "anyone buying at these levels is basically speculating, not investing".

Take, the 1910 2d Tyrian Plum.

In 2007 a mounted mint example was valued at £65,000 ($102,230), according to the GB30 Rarities Stamp Index. In 2011 the index listed the stamp at £100,000 ($157,290).

That's an 8.99% pa rise in five years.

Just 12 are known to exist, making them one of the world's greatest rarities.

Last month one of the 12 sold for £102,000 ($159,500) at auction in London.

We have a single example available to you today for £85,000 (approx. $133,700), 15% below the index valuation. We believe this is the only Tyrian Plum available for sale in the world today.

Tyrian Plum
This safe haven investment is available
for £85,000 (approx. $133,700)

It is accompanied by a 1961 British Philatelic Association Certificate of Authenticity stating that the stamp is genuine.

You will also receive:

· A certificate of authenticity with lifetime moneyback guarantee

· Free insured delivery

· Free storage (if required)

This is your opportunity to become one of a select group to have owned this superb piece of philatelic history.

To purchase the item or to discuss other safe haven investments, contact us at:

+44 (0) 117 933 9503

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