Rare Nova Scotia stamp to make $25,000?

One of just two known quadrisects from Nova Scotia auctions at HR Harmer's postage stamp sale on August 5.

The $25,000-estimated rarity is among the highlights of the Joseph Hackmey Collection, a superb offering of postal history from British North America and the US.

Nova Scotia rare stamp

One of only two known quadrisects from Nova Scotia

It is a quadrisect cover of an 1851 6d yellow green, used in place of a 2c. 1851 was the first year Nova Scotia – then a British colony – produced its own stamps.

In addition to its rarity, attractive features include its vast 12mm selvedge, a mute grill cancel, and a tiny portion of an adjacent stamp.

The auctioneer explains "only two quadrisects have been recorded in Nova Scotia philately," adding it's "one of the great rarities in BNA postal history".

Nova Scotia remained a British colony until 1867, when it co-founded Canada.  

Also on offer is the only known cover sent to South America from New Brunswick.

New Brunswick cover

From New Brunswick to South America - via England

The 1851 cover bears a horizontal pair and single of the colony's one shilling stamp, in addition to a diagonal 3d dull red trisect or bisect.

It has a $22,000 estimate, a testament to its rarity. The cover's route was circuitous – heading to London before on to Panama and final destination Callao, Peru.

What the auction house states is the only known "soldier's rate" letter from Canada is also up for grabs. Sent from Montreal to Ireland in 1857 at a special reduced military rate, it has a $15,000 estimate.

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