Rare kangaroo stamps could leap to great prices at Status International

Status International of Australia is gearing up for a major philatelic sale in a few weeks' time, with 3923 lots catering for all types of collectors & dealers going under the hammer.

The auction offers strong representation of Australia & Colonies, strong British Empire material of all areas & periods, as well as General Foreign including small and large collections.

The Australian material is nigh on unmissable in quality with 150 lots of Kangaroo stamps alone.

There is a very rare and very fine 2/- Brown Harrison Harrison one-line imprint pair. This has minor adhesions in the margins.

Harrison Kangaroo stamp pair
A fine couple of 'roos: the Harrison stamp pair

Only one imprint block of four is recorded and it is in the Royal collection, leaving only a small number of pairs for collectors. A similar pair in the Cornwallis Auction (Mar 2011) sold for £13,244 = A$20,000. In this auction it's listed at AU$18,000 (US$18,400).

There is also a £2 black & rose fresh very fine marginal single which is expected to bring AU$9,000 (US$9,200). There is also an important historical philatelic document up for grabs.

This is the original contract dated 19 December 1853 for printing QV Half-length 1d and 3d and Queen-on-Throne 2d, signed by James S Campbell, James Fergusson and Rudolph Hackmann, together with a specimen of gummed paper used for stamp printing.

Newfoundland 1857 flowers scarlet-vermilion stamp
The remarkably preserved Newfoundland stamp

Frankly this is rather cautiously estimated at AU$15,000 (US$15,400). We think it should go for more - if it doesn't the new owner will have something of a bargain.

However, one of the greatest highlights is not from Australia at all, but from another part of the British Commonwealth.

This is an 1857-64 Flowers 1/- scarlet-vermilion stamp from Newfoundland. A superb, fresh, never-hinged stamp, this boasts four margins and striking bright colour. It is all round a beautiful example of this classic rarity and expected to sell for AU$20,000 (US$20,500).

The auction takes place on August 18 in Sydney and online.


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