Prince Edward does the splits

Prince Edward Island is a small, Canadian island just north of Nova Scotia with the motto 'The small protected by the great'.

An online auction of rare stamps from the island is in full swing, and two small things in particular are worth protecting. Both date from when it was part of British North America - that is before 1873.

Bill Gross recently raised $1.9m for the Smithsonian Museum with his sale of British North American stamps.

First is a Prince Edward Island 3d deep blue stamp with a double impression. Click on the image to see a fresh, very fine example of a single printed 3d blue, available in the same auction, and expected to sell for $1,500.

Prince Edward Island Double Print 3d
Prince Edward Island Double Print 3d


The about very fine piece is one of the best examples of this world class rarity complete with original gum, and is expected to sell for $10,000, though bids of $5,000 or up are currently required.

The second item is a cover which also has a deep blue 3d stamp on it - or at least half of one. In fact the diagonal bisect has been combined neatly with a bisect of a brownish-yellow 1d stamp, presumably to represent a 2d payment.

Prince Edward Island Bisects
Prince Edward Island Bisect Cover


Despite a smudge over this philatelic chimera, the cover is unusually clean and fresh, with a neat postmark above the addressee's name (one Alfred Williams of Green Hill). The cover, sent from Prince Edward Island's capital Charlottetown, is estimated at $10,000 (but again accepting bids from $5,000 and up).

These are two of the most exciting pieces in the Warren S Wilkinson collection which is now being put online for auction by Charles G Firby auctioneers via the Stamp Auction Network. The sale closes in the morning of December 12.

Another island, far smaller than Prince Edward Island is the source of a sheet of stamps with a colour error due to sell at Spink on December 8.



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