Only the best

The finest quality stamps in the world

My own stamp collection is somewhat eclectic… 

I haven’t specialised in any one area.

My collection has just one consistent theme…

It contains only the finest quality examples in existence.

That is because I have a strong belief when it comes to buying stamps…

The best value you will ever get when buying rare stamps is when you buy the absolute finest quality possible.

I see my stamp collection as a family heirloom.

Sadly, I doubt my children will pick up the collecting bug despite my best efforts to get them interested.

But, one day, I hope they will sell my collection for a major profit.

The legacy of my career in stamps.

A proven successful strategy

Buying the finest quality is a proven successful strategy in any asset class.

In real estate, the best properties in the most desirable locations have always shown the highest growth in values.

Not only that, in a falling market, those properties tend to hold their value or, at least, depreciate at a much slower rate.

It’s logical if you think about it…

The values of the finest quality stamps are protected by the desire of the wealthiest of collectors to own only the best.

When your wealth reaches a certain level, why would you not pay to have the best when the price is of no consequence to you?

This is why I see, time and time again at auction, the finest quality examples realising prices beyond everyone’s wildest expectations.

So, as a buying strategy, the most astute investments in stamps are in those stamps of the finest condition grade.

The finest quality example in the world of a major rarity is the holy grail.

Acquiring the finest quality examples without the need to pay a significant premium to market value is extremely difficult.

Such an achievement is rare for me.

Today, I have 5 of the finest examples of rare stamps in the world to show you.

This is now your chance to acquire the finest quality….

A perfect example of an undervalued rarity

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Malaya Japanese Occupation 1942-44 Negri Sembilan 6c on 5c brown, type 2 'Kanji' overprint with type 21 surcharge (applied in one operation), ERROR OVERPRINT AND SURCHARGE DOUBLE, SGJ268b.

A superb unmounted mint example with full original gum and the finest example we have ever seen. A perfect close double, with both impressions fully inked.

A rare error as only one sheet of 100 originally existed, with far fewer examples surviving.

Price: £150

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The finest printing variety is the spice of life

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Leeward Islands 1938-51 £1 purple and black/carmine, lower right corner marginal showing variety "Broken lower right scroll", SG114ae. 

A very fine unmounted mint example with full original gum.

A rarity in this condition and positional form and, without a doubt, the finest example I have ever seen and the only example I have ever seen which has never been hinged.

The variety comes from the October 1942 printing only, with diagnostic clear lines above the King's head.

The Leeward Islands in the West Indies derive their name from shipping times because of their location in the context of the direction of the trade winds.

They are the collective name for the colonies of Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Kitts-Nevis and the Virgin Islands. The separate colonies all issued their own stamps, although stamps inscribed “Leeward Islands” were also issued.

This high value stamp issued for King George VI's reign is most appealing, with a very striking colour combination and an attractive ornate design.

The quality of this example is the finest you could possibly find in fresh unmounted mint condition with all of its original gum. It benefits further from being a lower right corner example from the printing sheet.

Even more interesting is the fact the stamp includes an error, the “Broken lower right scroll”, which occurred only on the 1942 printing and is very rare and difficult to find. 

Price: £2,000

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Just arrived (yesterday!)

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Great Britain 1902 1s green & carmine (Board of Education) Official, SGO82. 

A superb quality used example beautifully tied to a small piece by a crisp circular date stamp, leaving a clear profile.

An exceptional example of this rare Board of Education government official stamp and the finest used example we have ever handled.

The Queen Victoria stamps for the Board of Education were not issued until after the death of the Queen. They were issued at the same time as the King Edward VII stamps on 19 February 1902.

Accompanied with a 1984 Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) Certificate of Authenticity.

Stanley Gibbons catalogue value: £6,000.

Irrespective of this being the finest quality example we have ever handled, I am able to offer it to you at a keen price…

PRICE: £4,950 (17.5% discount)

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The Famous “Banned” Stamp Issue

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Jamaica 1921 6d red and blue-green 'Abolition of slavery' (the famous stamp prepared for use but not issued for political reasons) IMPERFORATE PLATE PROOF with good to large margins, in issued colours on ungummed watermark MCA paper. 

A fine quality proof of this most famous stamp from Jamaica of very fine appearance, despite ironed creases which are barely detectable. Most importantly, it is certainly the best of the three known examples in existence.

An important and highly desirable printing proof and just as rare as the few surviving perforated examples without 'SPECIMEN'. A wonderful showpiece item of this famous stamp.

The 6d stamps were prepared and sent out to Jamaica, but for political reasons were not issued, and the stocks were destroyed.

‘SPECIMEN’ examples of both watermarks were distributed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in the normal way, but only one example exists with the normal watermark and four examples with the watermark sideways in private hands without the overprint.

Provenance: Ex De La Rue archives (Robson Lowe Bermuda Dec 1976, lot 654, Robson Lowe Bermuda Feb 1979, lot 590).

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value of the unissued stamp without the “SPECIMEN” overprint is £60,000 for the normal watermark and £38,000 with the watermark sideways.

The Abolition of Slavery Jamaican stamp was prepared for issue in June 1921. It caused political unrest because of its subject matter and was cancelled shortly before it was due for issue.

An estimated 416,000 stamps were printed and subsequently destroyed. Two blocks of four were, however, preserved and one block was added to The Royal Collection of King George V

The other block was integrated into the Postal Collection in Kingston. That block mysteriously disappeared from the Post Office’s vaults and resurfaced in the market as four singles.

PRICE: £6,950

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The Holy Grail: Finest and Unique

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Great Britain 1840 2d blue and 1841 1d red-brown combination cover. 

The finest known of all 2d blue and 1d red combination usages and unique as the only cover known with the 1841 1d red-brown plate 1b CE and CK, SGDS6, AS6.

The letter was sent on April 28th 1841 from Cork to Dublin with two stamps re-affixed after becoming loose. The cover has been unfolded at the left.

An exceptional unique piece from early GB philatelic history.

Accompanied by a 1996 independent certificate of authenticity from the Royal Philatelic Society (RPS).

If you want to win the biggest philatelic awards you will need to own exhibition showpieces like this.

The last owner of this major rarity is a multiple philatelic Gold Medal champion.

His specialisation is early GB postal history.

In my view, this is one of the best quality early GB postal history covers in his coveted “Mayflower” Grand Prix collection.

Price: £15,000

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Own the finest

Ayn Rand, the author and stamp collector, once said:

"The pursuit of the unique, the unusual, the different, the rare is the motive power of stamp collecting. It endows the hobby with the suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt."

Finding such rare stamps as featured today is the ultimate excitement for me in the treasure hunt.

They deserve to be admired and treasured.

To secure these finest examples in existence, please e-mail me at

Alternatively, call us on +44(0)1534 639998.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards

Mike Hall, CEO

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