Just 43 survive

Celebrate Independence Day with 2 wonderful portraits of George Washington, the founding President of the United States.

And they're portraits with rarity and value to rival any work of art.

  • The first is 1 of just 43 possible surviving examples from an initially unloved reprint
  • The second is from a botched experimental print run of 5,200 

Many examples of these stamps will not have survived beyond their very limited first issues. 

Why keep a failure, or an unwanted keepsake?  

The US stamp market is the largest in the world.

Many of the American stamps are snapped up in private sales before we're able to list them. 

Quality and rarity are extremely highly prized by American collectors. I think these stamps embody them.

Sales of these issues are rare and Independence Day is just the day to offer you these sought-after, unusual gems of American postal history.

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USA 1875 10c deep bluish green (Reprint), SG47

It's not often that non-postal stamps are attractive to collectors, but this souvenir reprint is a notable exception.

This lovely little portrait of Washington's famously closed-mouth smile was run off for the USA's Centennial Exhibition of 1876.

The US post office wanted to show an example of every stamp they'd ever issued. 

Including this one, from the first perforated, gummed national issue from 1857. 

Display versions were printed up; the better quality paper is one tell-tale difference. 

And, in very American entrepreneurial style, several hundred extras were made to sell to visitors. 

But visitors didn't want them. 

Only 43 of them bought a stamp and the unwanted sheets - from a total of just a few hundred - were destroyed. 

That makes this stamp incredibly rare and sought after. 

That's right, after the exhibition only 43 copies of this stamp existed in the world. 

Probably in households around Philadelphia, where the show was held.

We don't know how many survive today. 

We do know all serious US stamp collectors need one in their collection.

This is your chance to grab it.

Don't miss it.

Buy now for only £2,500

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USA 1909 General Issues 6c Orange (Experimental printing "rag" paper), SG369

This rare, unusual stamp is a work in progress. 

It's 1909, and the US Post Office printing of their new 6c Washington stamp is going badly. 

As many as 1 in 5 sheets of these stamps were being thrown away as useless. The paper shrank, moving the stamp image off centre. 

An expensive disaster. 

Cue this experiment, with rags added to the paper to give it more structure. 

Sadly for the US PO the experiment failed, not least because of the blueish tinge the cloth brought to the paper.

The mess was quickly apparent and just 5,200 stamps were ever printed. 

That means a rare anomaly that you can see in your collection today. 

If you get to it first.

This very fine, unused fresh example gives you one of the few opportunities you will ever have to own this stamp. 

Just £1,500 secures this stamp when you click here now

As safe as the gold in Fort Knox

With each stamp comes a certificate of authenticity. 

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There's no doubt that these highly sought after stamps are 100% genuine.

To this solid gold provenance we add our own lifetime, money-back authenticity guarantee. 

And, a 28-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you change your mind.  

These are unique, single items. 

Act quickly to secure either of them and:  

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They can be on display in your home in days.


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P.S. Just 5,200 and 43 examples of these stamps survive at the very most. When will you next see a sale like this? 

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