Imperial Treasures highlight 'largest-ever auction of China and Hong Kong stamps'

We've already reported on Interasia's sale which is coming up this month, and the company has confirmed that with over 3,500 lots and a presale estimate in excess of HK$ 70,000,000 (US$ 9 million), the sale promises to be the largest-ever auction of China and Hong Kong stamps anywhere in the world.

This reflects the vibrant and world-leading market for Chinese stamps, both the PRC section and the Imperial, which we haven't covered in detail yet, but which follows:

The Ching Dynasty and the Republic-period offering in the main China section continues the two themes of both comprehensiveness and noteworthy rarities, highlighted by the 1897 Red Revenues small figures 4c. double surcharge mint.

Of these, only one pane of 25 was surcharged  (lot 1934 which carries a presale estimate of HK$ 1,400,000-1,800,000 [US$ 180,000-231,000]).

Sinkiang 1915 surcharge error strip of three
The legendary Sinkiang 1915 surcharge error strip of three

Other great highlights are the large figures $5 in a superlative unique used sheet margin pair (lot 2044, presale estimate HK$ 2,500,000-3,000,000 [US$ 320,000-385,000]), as well as a never hinged 1941 Dr. Sun Yat-sen $2 inverted centre, of which only one sheet of 50 was issued, (lot 2174, presale estimate HK$ 1,200,00-1,500,000 [US$ 154,000-192,000]).

Other collectors still will be more impressed by the Sinkiang 1915 $1 transposed characters surcharge error in a se-tenant strip of three (which once graced the collections of Sir Percival David and Mizuhara Meiso).

It is one of rarest of the Four Treasures of the Republic (lot 2325, presale estimate HK$ 500,000- 600,000 [US$ 64,000-77,000]).

Interasia's Hong Kong sale takes place on September 23-26.


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