How to Buy Stamps Like a Dealer

Last Chance: Fixed Price offers on unsold auction lots

Are you interested in buying rare stamps to make a profit?

Or, are you keen to buy some stamp rarities for your collection at artificially low prices?

If so, read on...

One of the buying techniques used by stamp dealers is to wait for an auction to end.

They then approach the auctioneer and ask for details of any unsold lots and, invariably, make a low-ball offer to purchase certain items.

After all, these stamps failed to sell so no one wants them, right?


The thing about stamp dealers is they are happy to wait for the right buyer to come along who is willing to pay the full market value.

Just because a stamp failed to sell on the day at an auction doesn’t mean no one wants it.

It just means no one who participated in that auction wanted it on that day.

It's one of the simplest ways for a stamp dealer to buy quality stock at low prices and make a tidy profit when they sell them.

Today, I am extending to you, the exclusive privilege of the stamp dealers.

I have seven rarities for you. All of them are available at massively discounted prices.

Here's a summary, at a glance, of the collection of rarities on offer...

The discount on offer for all seven rarities is 50% discount to Stanley Gibbons catalogue value.

Why so cheap?

We are living in strange times...

The stock market continues to ebb and flow, as it digests the daily news. One minute we see new highs, and then new lows, but over time, and the longer you stretch it out, the only way is up.

It is similar with rare stamps, but not so volatile up and down. Over time the rare stamp market continues to go up. We know this because we have studied the data going back 70 years.

But, right now, we find ourselves in a strange position where some clients just want to get out and are willing to accept artificially low prices.

Meanwhile we are achieving record prices for some stamps, even above latest catalogue prices.

The opportunity to buy these rarities which did not sell at our recent auction at these prices is an opportunity you may not see again.

All the signals in the market are favourable, and I believe it's one of those moments to buy with conviction, and reap the rewards in the medium to long term.

Now is a good time to buy quality rarities with long term value. Use this moment to build your collection.

Now, let us take a closer look at what's on offer...

Seven wonderful rarities available today at record low prices

China 1897 (May) large figure surcharge, 'spaced 1 1/2mm', on Dowager Empress third printing, 1/2c on 3ca dull yellow, variety surcharge spaced only 1/2mm, SG78d

  • A major Chinese rarity. There are less than twenty recorded examples of this colour variety and this is the first time I have handled one.
  • A hugely popular stamp issue and the very first commemorative stamps issued by China. They were issued to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Birthday of the Dowager Empress.
  • One of the best quality used examples known, fresh in colour and with a fine part dollar chop cancellation in blue.

SG Catalogue Value: £6,000

Fixed Offer Price: £2,995 (50% discount)



Great Britain 1840 1d intense black, Plate 1a sent on third official day of use (8th May)

  • A very rare and desirable early usage of the first printing of the world’s first postage stamp, sent on the 8th of May (the third day of official use)
  • Very fine quality, the penny black with four margins, neatly tied to an entire cover and cancelled by a red Maltese Cross. Also, with a superb London circular date stamp for 'MY.8.1840' on reverse.
  • Accompanied with a clear 2008 British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity

SG Catalogue Value: £9,000

Fixed Offer Price: £3,950 (56% discount)



Great Britain 1840 1d Mulready Envelope Forme 2 Stereo A148, SG ME2, first day of issue

  • A wonderful first day cover of the ill-fated Mulready cover, with the penny black adhesive stamp being favoured by the public
  • Very rare and highly important piece of postal history
  • Very fine quality, neatly cancelled by an orange-red Maltese Cross. The London circular date stamp for 'MY.6.1840' on the top flap opens out well for display.

SG Catalogue Value: £18,000

Fixed Offer Price: £12,000 (33% discount)



Great Britain 1967 4d British wild flowers SG720c, error of missing colour

  • A very scarce Queen Elizabeth II stamp error with only 30 recorded mint blocks in existence
  • Highly attractive as such a visual error with the colour reddish purple omitted. The missing colour affects the bottom right stamp from the block resulting in the loss of flowers and leaf shading on the Red Campion and shading on the Wood Anemone.
  • Superb Post Office fresh quality, unmounted with full original gum. Offered with the normal for comparison.

SG Catalogue Value: £2,000

Fixed Offer Price: £850 (58% discount)



Great Britain 1973 7 1/2p. SG926a, error with Queen’s head omitted

  • An extremely rare and highly prized Queen Elizabeth II stamp error, one of just six mint examples recorded
  • Glaring errors such as this with the missing Queen’s head are considered the most desirable of all stamp errors and are highly sought after
  • Very fine unmounted mint example with full original gum. Offered with the normal for comparison. Also, accompanied with a 2013 British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity.

SG Catalogue Value: £9,000

Fixed Offer Price: £3,500 (61% discount)



Great Britain King Edward VII 1903 6d Pale dull purple (Army Official, Type O6), SGO52

  • A very difficult to find overprint of this King Edward VII Army Official issue. The market for 'Official' stamps has seen a large number of new collectors chasing items such as this in recent months.
  • A very fine and fresh mint example with original gum, particularly challenging to find in this quality
  • Accompanied with a 2012 Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) certificate of authenticity

SG Catalogue Value: £2,800

Fixed Offer Price: £995 (64% discount)



Great Britain 1911 £1 Deep green, SG320, left hand marginal block of four

  • A stunning exhibition quality example of the famous King Edward VII "Long One Pound" stamp and the best example in a block of four I have ever handled
  • This most distinctive and memorable stamp design caused controversy at the time because of its unusual shape and size. It is now argued by some as being the most attractive definitive stamp issue of King Edward VII's short reign.
  • I cannot stress enough how rare this piece is in such superb quality. It is unmounted with full original gum, incredibly fresh and vibrant of colour and even rarer as a left hand marginal block.

SG Catalogue Value: £12,000

Fixed Offer Price: £4,950 (59% discount)



You will need to be quick

At these prices, such rarities are sure to sell, so you will need to act fast if you want to get your hands on these, the last of the bargains.

You have two choices:

1. Purchase the entire collection

You will need to send me an e-mail to secure the whole collection to First person to respond wins the collection.

2. Purchase only certain items from the collection

Either follow the links above and purchase through our online store or e-mail me at or give me a call on +44(0)1534 639998

This is your chance to buy like the dealer.

Fair warning... don't delay to avoid missing out.

Kind regards

Mike Hall

PS. Remember every item we sell comes with a no quibble 28-day return policy and our lifetime moneyback guarantee of authenticity as a standard term of sale. We also send your wonderful rarities registered mail FREE OF CHARGE.

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