George V 5d stamp block rarity makes $23,490 in Sydney

A rare block of four Australian King George V 5d was the highlight of a major stamp auction in Sydney, Australia on May 23.

The fact that it was the largest known multiple of the stamp no doubt helped boost its value to A$24,000 ($23,490).

George V stamp
The largest known multiple of the Australian George V 5d

The single-line perforate block is thought to have been produced on paper left over from the 1d 1918 printing, which explains its use of rough bright chestnut paper.

"This is one of the most important multiples of the King George V series and of equal rarity to the ½d green King George V single-line perforate blocks of four that sold for $69,975 in the 2005 Gawaine Baillie auction," said the auction house prior to the sale.

A rare Canada 1851 Queen Victoria 12d plate proof multiple also performed well, selling for $11,500.

The black imperforate block of four, produced on Indian paper mounted on card, had been stamped multiple times with "SPECIMEN" in carmine.

Multiples of the stamp are extremely rare, explaining why such a strong price was achieved.

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