First world war stamps make $10,000 in London philatelic sale

A set of four stamps issued in a first world war internment camp on the Isle of Man sold for a total of £6,000 ($10,119) at a London auction on July 31.

At its height, the Knockaloe camp housed around 25,000 prisoners of war and 3,000 guards. The huge site was built in less than a year and included a railway line.  

Knockaloe stamp
The Knockaloe internment camp was opened in 1914 and decomissioned in 1919

It was one of the largest on the island and had a reputation for harshness. Wealthy prisoners were able to negotiate transfers to other smaller, comparatively luxurious camps.

The stamps were designed for use by inmates and feature an illustration of the camp alongside the three-legged symbol of the Isle of Man.

Very few are known to exist, although a sheet of 21 is in the permanent collection of the Manx Museum in Douglas.

There are a total of nine recorded used stamps, three of which were featured in the sale. The other is the only unused example to come to auction.

We have this rare British 10s seahorse for sale, issued in 1915 when fighting in Europe was at its height.

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