Earliest design for the World Record priced Treskilling stamp could bring £20,000

We couldn't allow this museum-worthy gem to slip under our radar. It's due to go under the hammer at Postiljonen AB's sale on October 15...

Among the auction's highlights is the No. 1 Skilling Banco Engraving, the first engraving in black of the not-completed mother die of the type A stamp.

The initial design which lead to the Treskilling yellow and other stamps

The engraving is the only known example of this first type in the world, with all the other known engravings being from dies with background printing.

The final version of the mother die's complete engraving can be seen on the Swedish "Treskilling" Yellow, aka the current World Record holder of the highest auction price for a rare stamp.

Billed as a "very fine and a unique exhibition item", Lauson Stone is among the top-level collectors to have previously owned this historic engraving.

Rumoured to be worth at least $2.3 million, the Treskilling Yellow

If you want further evidence of the engraving's significance, it can also be found pictured in philatelic bible the Swedish Handbook 1964.

Bids on the historic piece are set to open at €20,000 - and if a private collector doesn't get the winning bid, it'll surely end up in a museum.


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