Du Pont's British Guiana collection to sell through David Feldman

Auction house David Feldman has been chosen to offer the world famous John E du Pont Collection of British Guiana on June 27 in Geneva.

Du Pont's exhibit at the 1986 Ameripex International Exhibition in Chicago has gone down in philatelic lore

The sale will follow Sotheby's dedicated auction of the legendary British Guiana 1c Magenta from the same collection, which is expected to break all records for a single stamp.

The Feldman sale will be met with similar excitement, with the auction house stating: "We expect that another page of philatelic history will be written on this day!"

John du Pont (1938-2010), heir to the du Pont family fortune, is known today for his murder of Olympic gold medal wrestler Dave Schultz in 1996, but is best remembered by the philatelic community for his dedication to stamp collecting.

He formed several collections, including Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Falkland Islands, yet his greatest achievement was his British Guiana album, which achieved five Grand Prix awards and ranked him third in the list of multiple Grand Prix winners.

Feldman certainly has the calibre to sell this level of collection, having previously auctioned the Treskilling Yellow for $2.3m - a record for a stamp at auction.

Yet the choice of Sotheby's, which predominantly deals in art, to sell the British Guiana 1c Magenta is interesting. The sale is clearly aimed towards investors rather than dedicated collectors - a shift that is being witnessed across the collecting field.

Feldman reiterates the intention of the Sotheby's auction, stating that it "may well break down the barriers of the philatelic market and attract a buyer outside the philatelic world."

Also starring at David Feldman will be the Tasmania collection of Koichi Sato, which won the Grand Prix d'Honneur at the 2013 FIP exhibition in Australia.

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