David Feldman ends its 2010 stamp auctions with a $250,000 Tete-Beche pair

David Feldman has concluded its auctions for 2010 with six catalogues, nearly 3,500 lots, and bidders from all over the world present in person to view and bid. Switzerland was one star performer, with lots from Cantonals to Modern Rarities often selling for 150% or 200% of their estimate, even for the ever-popular collection lots.

In fact, collections and large lots, whether of France, Great Britain & Empire, or the rest of the world, drew interest not only from those who had journeyed to Geneva to view them, but - thanks to extensive scans of the contents - to internet bidders who connected and took part during the auctions, causing a great many lots to easily surpass their estimates.

Internet bidders often pushed each other bravely, fought hard against the agents and collectors on the auction floor, and won a greater percentage of the lots overall than ever before.

Overall, the results ranged from satisfactory to excellent, especially on items - at every price level - which had not been seen on the market for a long time, showing the growing recognition of rare stamps as a fine investment.

David Feldman Tete Beche French Carmine pair
Tete Beche French Carmine pair

Rare stamps and covers were offered throughout the catalogues, including the semi-annual auction of "Rarities of the World" where the Canada New Carlisle postmaster's provisional brought Euro 334'600 and the Mauritius "Post Paid" 2d Earliest Impression, the finer of two known on cover, reaching €143,400 ($187,300).

"Tete-beche" rarities (those showing adjoined stamps inverted relative to one another) were popular, with the France 1849 1 franc Brownish Carmine pair mint bringing €191,200 ($250,000) and the Switzerland 1882 15c Yellow pair, reportedly the finer of two known in private hands, bringing a record realisation of CHF59,750 (almost exactly $59,750).

David Feldman is now taking consignments of stamps, covers and collections - especially exhibit collections - for sale in its Spring Auctions (May 2011) which will offer a diverse mix of countries and periods.

Those looking to buy before then may be interested to know that a range of stamps is currently available including this 1878 £1 Brown-lilac.


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