Canada 1868 15c grey Large Queen stamp to make $11,000?

An 1868 15c grey Large Queen will headline Sparks Auctions' of rare Canadian stamps next month.

Large Queen
One of only six unused

The stunning-looking lot has a Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps value of $11,000. Much of that worth is a result of the stamp's rarity. It is one of only six unused examples of the stamp to feature the rare "Alexr Pirie & Sons" watermark.

However, a small stain on the stamp's front and a thin to the right will dampen buyers' enthusiasm somewhat, although the auction house asserts these imperfections "do not detract from the great rarity, and appealing appearance".

It comes with a 1987 Greene Foundation certificate of authenticity, to give prospective buyers peace of mind.

The March 1-3 sale in Ottawa, Canada will also feature some attractive Small Queen blocks.

A block of 18 1890s 10c brown red Small Queens has a catalogue value of $5,800. The auction house states the block features "full original shiny gum and nine never hinged stamps," adding the block is "fresh and with bright colour".

Block of 18
The block of 18 has a $5,800 catalogue value

An imperforate bottom margin block of eight 1891 5c grey Small Queens also catches the eye. With full original gum and what Sparks describes as "great colour", it should beat its catalogue value of $4,500. Vertical creases in the margin and evidence of moderate hinging are its only detractions.

Paul Fraser Collectibles is selling the greatest treasure of Canadian philately.

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