Bill Gross sells $1.5m of rare stamps

Bill Gross, one of the greatest philatelists of the modern age, is putting up his British North American collection for auction in Canada.

The 133 stamps are worth over $1.5m in total.

There can be no question as to the star pieces of the show: two rare 1851 Canadian 12 pence stamps, depicting a young Queen Victoria.

One is in mint condition, complete with its original gum, and together they are estimated at $750,000.

Ricky Day, president of the Canadian Stamp Dealers' Association, is delighted that collectors will finally get a chance to at least view the stamps, and he predicts that they'll sell well above their estimates.

This often happens when the rarest pieces come on the market and bidding wars erupt.

Canadian 12d Black
Canadian 12d Black

"It's no different than buying a piece of art. The difference with stamps is there's more than one copy of the same thing, so the smart thing to do is buy the best one you possibly can.

"Because that is the one that will appreciate the most in value." Day told the Canadian Press

Day is hopeful that such viewings will inspire a new generation of stamp collectors.

Bill Gross hopes the same thing - which is why he is donating the money raised from the sale to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

Gross has already donated $8m to the museum and loaned it some extremely rare stamps. He also intends to sell 81 Confederate stamps from the time of the US Civil War, which are expected to raise a further $1.5m.

The auction will take place on November 19  in New York City, whilst viewing is from November 16-18.

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