'An Extraordinary Achievement In Philately' - the Chase-Card Imperforate Plating Study

The Third part of Jerome Wagshal's collection is all set to be sold at Siegel Auction Galleries. This time it's the 3 cent issues from 1851-7 which are going under the hammer, and for rare stamp collectors interested in this area many of the pieces are as fine as they will ever see.

The basic colour of the 3c 1851-57 stamp was produced by a nearly incalculable number of ink mixtures over a ten-year period. Specialists have devoted considerable time and effort to the consistent classification of 3c 1851-57 shades.

Jerry Wagshal was fascinated by the 3c 1851-57 shades and frequently corresponded with Dr. William Amonette, the leading authority on this subject. Many of the shades offered in this sale have been identified by Dr. Amonette.

Chase-Card 3c Orange stamp card
Chase-Card 3c Orange stamp card
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Specialists will find some of the most elusive 3c 1851-57 shade varieties in the sale, including examples of the Plate 1 Late Experimental Orange Brown, 1856 Orange Brown, Plum, Etruscan Red and Plate 10 Experimental Orange Brown.

One lot shows the quality of the lots on offer above all: The Celebrated Carroll Chase-Devere Card 3-Cent 1851 Imperforate Plating Study.

The extraordinary lot features 2,600+ stamps mounted on stiff boards, each board with one half pane of 50 stamps, representing every position from all 13 plates or states of plates that were used to print the 1851 3c stamps.

Every stamp has been selected for clarity of impression as well as margins and a cancel that allows certain identification of the position, representing a truly amazing achievement, initially completed by Dr Chase and then improved by Mr DeVere Card.

The lot is somewhat modestly estimated at $40,000-50,000, and is accompanied by an article by Wagshal on the collection. The auction takes place tomorrow in New York and online.


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