Adams Express Company cover valued at $100,000 in Confederate sale

One of just three recorded Adams Express Company covers bearing the Nashville 10c Provisional stamp will lead bids in the April 27 auction of The Richard Warren Collection of Confederate States of America.

Adams Express 10c Nashville cover
A rare cover from perhaps the most remarkable period in American postal history

The 1861 cover will cross the block in California with a $75,000-100,000 estimate, as the highest valued lot of the sale. As well as being one of three recorded with the 10c Provisionals, the cover is also one of only two Adams Express Company covers with mixed franking from the US.

The 10c Green features two huge margins, with frame lines touched at the top and right, and a scissor cut at the top left. Boasting rich colour, it is tied by a blue "Adams Express Co Nashville Aug. 1" oval datestamp.

Also appearing on the cover is a US 3c Red Star Die entire, which is tied by an "Adams Ex Co * Louisville, Ky * July 30, 1861" circular date stamp. A small red manuscript "2" indicates the express charge of two bits, or 25c, while a blue "10" handstamp applied at Petersburg indicates postage due, thought to be because the letter was overweight.

The cover was sent from Nashville, Tennessee to Petersburg, Virginia in 1861 and represents a remarkable period in America's postal history, at a time when the country was in the midst of civil war. As such, it is expected to see strong bids from collectors in this area.

Also starring in the sale is a Hoyer & Ludwig printing press used to print the first Confederate stamps.

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