4c Columbian error block to sell for $215,000?

A 4c Columbian error block of six carries an estimate of $215,000 ahead of the Outstanding United States auction at Robert A Siegel in New York on February 19-20.

The 1893 block has never been hinged and is among the largest recorded multiples of this rare issue.

Columbian error Siegel
The block was printed using a different shade of ink to the regular issue

Siegel comments: "Stamps from at least two panes reached collectors, and the few cancelled examples indicate that stamps used by the public came from additional panes.

"It is likely that a number of full sheets were printed using the wrong ink, and most of the stamps have simply been lost to philately."

An 1894-1895 $1 black block of 18 is another highlight, with a valuation of $86,850.

This lot is also among the largest multiples of its type and is made up of combination pairs from each side of the press.

The house comments: "Combination pairs and strips, which exist only between the fifth and sixth columns, are rare and desirable.

"Large multiples showing both types are even more rare (there are only four recorded plate blocks). According to Bartels and Brookman, only 8,762 of the Type II were issued in total, and of these only a small fraction (20%) come from the positions that could yield combination pairs."

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