1982 state birds error sheet sells for $18,500 in Siegel auction

One of only two known imperforate frame sheets of the 1982 state birds and flowers issue has sold for $18,500 at Robert A Siegel.

The lot headlined the sale of the Daniel H and Marcel V Collection of Birds of the World in New York on June 26.

imperforate bird stamps
The 1982 error sheet is one of only two intact examples

It displays each of the 50 state birds of the US and has only appeared twice before at auction - once in 1988 and again in 1997.

There were originally four imperforate error sheets created in production of the issue, one of which had blind perforations while another was cut into singles by an ill-informed investment firm - further enhancing the value of the remaining two.

A mint, never hinged 1935 $1 hunting permit proved another highlight, achieving $13,000.

Jay "Ding" Darling, an illustrator and consrvationist who went on to found the National Wildlife Foundation in 1936, was the designer behind the issue.

Each year a competition is held to design the new image for the duck stamp. There is no prize, the winner simply gets their work printed on the new issue, but each year thousands enter.

We have a range of stamps available, including this set of New Zealand 1935 pictorial die proofs.

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