1930 Zeppelin $2.60 blue plate block expected to make $10,000

A plate block of six 1930 Zeppelin $2.60 blue stamps is valued at $10,000 in Regency Superior's online sale, which will run from January 15-19.

Three designs for the Graf Zeppelin stamps were produced by the US Postal Service in 1930, for use on airmail delivered by the company's airships.  

zeppelin blue stamps
The Zeppelin stamps were issued in 1930

In total 1m stamps were produced but, due to their high cost during the time of the Great Depression, only around 227,000 examples were sold.

At the time of issue the entire set cost $4.55, more than $60 in today's prices, and following the lack of public interest the unsold stamps were destroyed.

There was some controversy over the funding for the stamps, which were essentially produced for the benefit of the Graf Zeppelin Company - based in Germany.

It was agreed that the US Postal Service would receive just 6.5% of the face value of the stamps that travelled on the Graf Zeppelins, meaning that the majority of the revenue would be funnelled into the coffers of the company.  

The plate block in the sale is in mint condition, has never been hinged and displays rich, deep colour.

The sale will also feature a range of space memorabilia, including a Soviet spacesuit.

We have a range of rare stamps available.

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