1912 Violet Brown $1 stamp block could bring $15,000

Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries is carrying out a three day sale of rare stamps of the USA this week, starting today, and featuring an impressive 1,400 lots.

A number of very valuable pieces from both the 19th and 20th centuries are on offer. This is thanks largely to two collectors: Robert T Goldman and William L Walls MD.

From today's section of the auction, two lots in particular stand out - both from the Washington-Franklin issues of the early 20th century.

Firstly, there is a vertical pair of the 2c red coil 1913-15 stamp. Coil stamps, as we've mentioned before, are those which were issued in rolls, and are immediately distinguished by having a parallel pair of imperforate sides.

This particular pair is a joint-line pair, meaning that there is an ink line at the point at which the perforations link the stamps. The line is unusually clear, and the stamps overall are fine and attractive with clear margins and the bottom stamp is mint - never hinged.

The valuable lot carries an estimate of $14,500.

1912 stamp block Violet Brown $1
1912 Violet Brown $1 stamp block

The other interesting piece is a fine/very fine block of six $1 violet brown stamps from the 1912-14 issue. Part of the bottom margin of the plate is attached, with the imprint, "A" and plate no 5782.

It is one of two known examples of a bottom plate block for this stamp (there are nine top blocks), and the guide price of $15,000 may be on the modest side. Both lots are now open for bidding online or in New York.

Siegel auction's first sale of the year brought $55,000 for an 1869 Carmine & Black 90c.

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