1903 OW Official block expected to bring $89,500 in UK auction

A magnificent block of four 1903 OW Official stamps will star in a UK philatelic auction to be held on March 14.

1903 OW Officials
With much of the stocks destroyed, fresh to the market examples of this rare stamp are seldom seen

The block is estimated to sell for £50,000-60,000 ($74,614-$89,536). The 10d stamps were originally produced especially for usage in the UK government's office of works.

Printed in a dull purple and carmine colour, this block is a superb marginal example from the lower right corner of the pane. In particularly strong condition, the original hinge is still attached while the lower stamps remain unhinged.

Of the 1,344 of these stamps created, 1,200 were officially destroyed when they became obsolete and a further 134 were used, leaving very few mint examples for collectors once those held in institutional collections are discounted.

"The stamps came from a deceased estate from a 1950s collection. These are new to the market and because of that, it's creating a lot of interest," the auction house's managing director, David McMonagle, told the Journal newspaper.

"It also comes with a Royal Philatelic Society certificate to say it has been passed as genuine."

A single example of the stamp in fine condition sold for $12,500 in 2009.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic selection of stamps for sale, including the 1911 6d Bright Magenta in stunning condition and the renowned 2d Tyrian Plum.

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