1893 Hawaii 10c overprint opens at $7,000 with Cherrystone Auctions

An 1893 10c overprint in superb condition will lead a strong Hawaiian section at Cherrystone Auctions' April 29-30 sale in New York.

Hawaiian 6c overprint 1893
Just two sheets of errors came out of this issue, and many were destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake

Two errors were made from the 1893 Provisional Government overprint issues in Hawaii; one sheet of the 6c green was overprinted in black instead of red, while a single sheet of 10c stamps was overprinted in red.

Stamps from either of these sheets are rare today, with many destroyed during the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. As a reflection of its rarity and stunning condition - unused, with full original gum - the stamp at auction will open for bids at $7,000.

The Hawaiian Missionary issue is one of the most sought after of all US possessions, with this shabby example of the 13c blue still commanding a strong price

The highest valued lot of the Hawaiian stamps on offer is a 13c blue from the famed Missionary issue of 1851 - Hawaii's first stamp issue, so-called due to its usage by missionary workers to send post to the US.

The 13c stamp boasts ample to large margins and is in unusued condition, retaining just a fraction of its original gum. With repairs and staining, it will open for bids at $10,500.

The only cover to feature the 2c stamp from this historic issue is one of the world's best-known philatelic items, the Dawson Cover. Offered at auction in June 2013, it sold for an impressive $1.9m.

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