1871 Indian postal agency cover achieves 600% increase on estimate at Spink

An 1871 cover displaying a 1a brown cancelled by a 23 duplex sold for $45,113 at Spink's Indian Postal Agencies in the Gulf Area sale in Hong Kong on October 10.

The lot beat an estimate of $6,439 by 600.6%.

Muscat 23 cover
The cover features the finest known example of the rare 23 duplex cancellation

The house describes the piece as "Almost certainly the finest of the few covers that are known with this duplex." It was sent locally in Muscat, Oman.

Duplexes allow postal workers to apply a cancellation and a datestamp at the same time and are seen in varying combinations around the world.

The handstamp appears to have been damaged shortly after it was first used, as the ink is broken in places - perhaps explaining its rarity.

Another cover sent from Guadur, Pakistan to Birkenhead, UK in 1870 achieved $38,668.

It features a 2a orange and two 4a greens along with several datestamps and handstamps.

It's the only known cover from the brief period when the Bombay Circle was in control of postage in the region (the circle refers to the city and its surrounding area).

Another 1871 Muscat cover, also featuring a 23 duplex, sold for $36,090.

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