1861 Woodblock colour error stars at $16,500 in Cape of Good Hope sale

A superb colour error example from the Cape of Good Hope's 1861 Woodblock Issue is set to see the highest bids as the Medina Collection auctions on March 20 in London.

Cape of Good Hope 1861 1d colour error
The Cape's stamps were entrusted to a local printer for just a short period of time, during which numerous errors were made

The stamp is a 1d variety, erroneously printed in a pale milky blue colour. It is expected to see bids in the region of £9,000-11,000 ($13,556-16,569).

The Cape of Good Hope provides a fascinating and popular subject for philatelists. The earliest stamps from the South African headland - once a British colony - are noted for their unusual triangular shape.

The first stamps were issued in 1853 with just two denominations, a 1d in red and a 4d in blue, printed by the esteemed Perkins Bacon & Co of London. However, in 1861, a local printer named Messrs Saul Solomon & Co was tasked with providing a supply of the 1d and 4d stamps, which were issued in February of that year.

Due to the change of printer, there were a number of errors recorded in this scarce issue, which makes it one of the most popular areas for collectors. The colour error at auction is an excellent specimen, with good to enormous margins and a neat cancellation that does not affect the design.

Joining the 1d stamp at the head of the sale is another colour error from the 1861 issue, this time a 4d stamp printed in carmine. With margins varying between large and touched, and a light cancellation, it will sell with a £8,000-10,000 ($12,050-15,063) estimate, despite minor faults.

In June 2012, the same auction house offered the Franschhoek Collection of Cape of Good Hope Stamps, in which an 1861 1d stamp affixed to a first day newspaper cover sold for £25,000 ($37,590), 25% above its £20,000 high estimate.

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