1861 4d Bahamas block to lead Vestey Collection at Spink

An 1861 4d Bahamas no watermark block of 10 is among the highlights of Spink's sale of the Vestey Collection on December 11.

It carries an estimate of £20,000-25,000 ($31,297-39,121).

Bahamas Spink 4d
The 4d stamps were issued in the Bahamas in 1861

The stamps are among the first ever issued in the Bahamas, with the earliest examples dating to 1859.

Initially 1d was the only value available, with the result that blocks were used to post mail across the Atlantic.

The British government remedied the situation in 1861 with the introduction of 4d and 6d variations, although the design remained unchanged.

The present lot is the largest known multiple of this rare and popular issue and looks likely to spark strong bidding among collectors.

The collection includes a range of stamps from throughout the Caribbean, with a particular emphasis on the Leeward Islands.

This is best represented by a Nevis 1876-1878 imperforate between sheet lithographed issue. It too has a valuation of £20,000-25,000 ($31,297-39,121).

The unique lot displays horizontal (but not vertical) perforations and is described by the auction house as "a magnificent exhibition showpiece."

Other lots in the sale include rare issues from Montserrat and the Turk Islands.

We have an extraordinary range of rare stamps available, including this exceptional Tobago 1879 £1 mauve.

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