1854-1855 4d blue Australian stamp offered at Spink

An 1854-1855 4d blue is to lead a sale of Australian stamps from the Vestey Collection at Spink London with a valuation of £50,000-60,000 ($74,166-88,999).

The present lot, which auctions on May 19, displays an inverted frame and has been cancelled with a black void obliterator.

Vestey Australian stamps
The stamp was issued between 1854 and 1855

Spink explains: "The 4d. value was prepared using a transfer of 60 positions from the Perkins, Bacon engraved 1d. plate. The frames were then painted out and individually replaced by transfers taken originally from a drawing of the 4d. frame probably direct onto the stone.

"Four transfers were then taken from this intermediate stone to construct the printing stone of 240 impressions."

However, numerous errors were found and a new printing stone was set up after three sheets were printed. A total of 97 sheets were printed on the second stone and maintain many of the same errors.

A block of 60 1854 1d black stamps, the highest recorded multiple of this issue, is valued at £40,000-50,000 ($59,332-74,166).

Spink describes it as "an outstanding multiple of the highest exhibition calibre."

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