1851 3d Vermillion stamp to lead collection of Canadian rarities

An 1851 3d Vermillion imperforate stamp will lead Eastern Auctions' sale of the Montclair Collection on May 29 with a $120,000 estimate.

It features large margins and strong colouring and is described as being in mint condition, making it exceptionally rare.

Canada 3d mint Eastern
The 1851 3d Vermillion was the first stamp ever issued in Canada

The stamp was the first to be issued in the Province of Canada, the British colony on the country's eastern seaboard.

It was issued in values of 3d, 6d and 12d, with the beaver design produced by Sir Sandford Fleming - the Canadian railway engineer who came up with the concept of international time zones.  

This was the first stamp to feature an animal in place of the monarch. The 6d and 12d issues feature portraits of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

An 1851 12d black is valued at $115,000.

The stamp is considered the greatest rarity in Canadian postal history and is highly sought after by collectors. This example is graded fine to very fine and features clear margins and a strong impression. 

In March last year a 12d black made $225,000 at Eastern Auctions.

We have the finest known example of the 12d black in existence. It is offered in mint, unhinged condition with its original gum, and is known in philatelic circles as The Black Empress.

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