Get ready: Elvis is back in the building

Hi fellow collector

You've probably seen the posters.

They're big and flashy. Just like the man himself.

You may have seen the trailer.

A string of solid gold hits, and some serious hip shaking.

And next week, when this blockbuster film hits the big screen, it's safe to confirm:

Elvis Presley is back in the building.

Of course, to millions of fans around the world he never really left.

But a whole new audience is about to learn why they call him The King.

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The new biopic 'Elvis' will introduce him to a entire new generation of fans - and collectors...

You saw what happened when The Beatles documentary 'Get Back' was released in 2021.

They were discovered by an entire new generation. Suddenly everyone was talking about the Fab Four again.

It was a cultural phenomenon. And the number of collectors seeking Beatles memorabilia went through the roof.

I believe a similar thing could happen with the new Elvis movie.

The market could be set for a significant boost, as new collectors and new money get involved.

Forget the '68 Comeback. This is the 2022 version.

It's amazing to think this is the first major Elvis Presley biopic ever made for the big screen.

After all, he's been described as “the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century.”

A man who “permanently changed the face of American popular culture”.

When Elvis hit the scene it was like a musical 'Big Bang'. The birth of rock and roll as we know it today

And when you're investing in the rare collectibles market - or simply buying what you love with an eye on the future - that's exactly what you want.

A 'blue chip' figure with their own chapter in the history books.

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From the moment he arrived in 1954 to the present day, Elvis has always inspired devotion from his fans.

That's why key artists like The Beatles or Bob Dylan are so revered by collectors. They set the musical blueprint for everyone who came after them.

Their memorabilia isn't just highly collectible – it's historically important. And that makes it truly valuable.

But who set the blueprint for them? Who inspired them to pick up guitars and change the world?

Elvis Presley.

"Nothing affected me until I heard Elvis,” said John Lennon. “Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles."

“When I first heard Elvis' voice I just knew that I wasn't going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss," said Dylan. "Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.”

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Without the influence of Elvis, John Lennon and Bob Dylan would never have picked up guitars.

So if we're talking about artists with an influential legacy...

Artists with a catalogue of timeless classic songs...

Artists who transcend the music world as genuine cultural icons...

Elvis Presley has to be #1 on your list.

Now Elvis was always extremely generous to his fans, signing countless autographs and giving away personal items throughout his career.

(Although some pieces, such as signed albums, are considerably harder to find than others.)

So it's not rarity which keeps the price of Elvis memorabilia strong. It's his enduring popularity and the demand from collectors.

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Elvis' jumpsuit and cape from his 1972 performances at Maddison Square Garden sold at Kruse GWS Auctions in 2021 for a record $1.01 million (Image: Kruse GWS Auctions)

Over the past two years alone, impressive auction results have included:

  • A belt he wore on stage sold in June 2020 for $298,000
  • The Martin guitar he used during his early Sun Studios sessions sold in August 2020 for $1.32 million
  • His first custom-made 'TCB' gold ring sold in November 2020 for $440,625
  • A guitar used during his famous '68 Comeback TV Special sold in March 2021 for $625,000
  • And the jumpsuit and cape from his 1972 Madison Square Garden performances sold in September 2021 for $1.01 million

So in the middle of a global pandemic and financial turmoil...

The Elvis memorabilia market went from strength to strength.

Now imagine what could happen if that market was supercharged by a major Hollywood movie...

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The Elvis memorabilia market is about to get a major boost - so get your blue suede shoes on and get involved today.

So recent sales prove the market is strong. But what about the future?

Earlier this year Elvis Presley Enterprises released the first official Elvis NFTs.

It began hosting a series of virtual fan events in the Metaverse.

And just this month it launched a DAO investment fund, which aims to acquire rare Elvis records and memorabilia and authenticate them via blockchain.

So it's safe to say the Elvis market is moving confidently into the 21st century.

And the new film will inspire a fresh generation of digital-savvy collectors to get involved.

So my advice is this: If you're looking to add a high-quality Elvis item to your collection, now is a great time to do it.

You can get in early before the demand increases and prices go up.

And buy with confidence for the years ahead, safe in the knowledge that Elvis Presley will always be the King.

Click here to view my current stock of Elvis items, including signed records, photographs and some truly intimate personal memorabilia.

And if you have any further questions about the rare collectibles market, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser,

Chairman, Just Collectng.

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