Sex Pistols signed record to beat $10,000?

A signed original copy of the Sex Pistols’ seminal Never Mind the Bollocks is valued at more than $10,000 ahead of a sale at RR Auction that closes on August 17. 

The record is a rare 1978 promotional copy.

Sex Pistols signed

The Sex Pistols broke up on their first US tour in 1978

It’s accompanied by a letter from former Warner Brothers vice-president Jeff Gold that reads: "Vicious, Cook and Jones signed the album on January 8, 1978 at Randy's Rodeo, a club in San Antonio TX…

“Johnny Rotten wouldn't sign at the time, as he was busy doing interviews. He eventually signed the album during the Sex Pistols 1996 Filthy Lucre tour."

The Sex Pistols fell apart in spectacular fashion soon after that San Antonio show.

Sid Vicious’ signature is particularly rare, given he was only in the band less than a year.

In October 1978 he was accused of killing girlfriend Nancy Spungeon. When he was released on bail a few months later he died of an overdose.

The Sex Pistols’ explosive impact and immense popularity, even today, has ensured a healthy market for their memorabilia.

One of the rare copies of God Save The Queen that was not destroyed by record label A&M (after the Sex Pistols smashed up their offices in 1977) sold for £6,000 ($7,824) in 2015.

Meanwhile, a padlock and chain worn by Sid Vicious recently sold for $23,000.

Last year Joe Corre, son of Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, decided to burn all of his father’s old memorabilia on a barge on the Thames in a protest at punk’s commercialisation.

Ironically, this stunt will have increased the value of Sex Pistols memorabilia by driving down its availability.

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