Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen pressing makes $9,000

A rare A&M pressing of the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen sold for £6,000 ($9,239) at Special Auction Services in Newbury, UK on February 26. 

The band signed to the label in March 1977, but were kicked off the roster less than a week later after the band turned up drunk to the company offices and caused a ruckus.

Sex Pistols
God Save the Queen launched the Sex Pistols into stardom

Around 25,000 copies of the single were destroyed, of which a total of nine are known to have survived. The band went on to release the single on Virgin, an event that kicked off the nascent punk scene in the UK.  

Alan Pritchard of Special Auction Services told the Daily Mail: "The Sex Pistols are such a cult band and this is the most iconic withdrawn single.

"There are very few in existence as most were destroyed when the band was dropped. Just a handful were kept behind by people in the industry.

"When you get rarities like this it attracts a lot of interest from collectors, vinyl is highly sought after worldwide."

The record for an A&M copy of the record is £13,000 ($20,000), set in a private sale in 2006.

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