Record Plant's John Lennon piano to make $200,000 at Sotheby's New York

The lot will provide one of the highlights in Sotheby's Rock & Roll History sale in New York on June 24.

Countless stars from across the 1970s and 1980s, from David Bowie to Patti Smith, played at the piano while working at the Record Plant - but it was named for Lennon, who had a particular affection for it.

Lennon piano
Lennon fell in love with the piano while recording at the Record Plant in New York

Producer Jack Douglas relates in a letter accompanying the lot: "John fell in love with it as soon as he sat down to play it.

 "I saw him sit at the piano many times working at the piano parts he would use on this album or composing new songs.

"For the rest of its days that piano was known to us at Record Plant as 'The John Lennon Piano' he loved it so much he had it moved to every studio he worked in at the complex.

"I watched him write songs with both Elton John and David Bowie at this piano.

"He used it for composing and as an instrument on 'Walls and Bridges' and when we were mixing 'Double Fantasy' in the 'Mix Room' he had it brought up and installed in the wall next to the control room so he could go bang on it between mixes.

"It was there on his last day on earth, which he spent with me in the 'Mix Room' working on 'Walking on Thin Ice.' He was playing that piano shortly before he left."

The auction will also feature Lennon's Vox organ guitar and Jimi Hendrix's infamous PPX contract.

We have this signed customs declaration from John Lennon available

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