Prince’s handwritten Cherry Moon script to beat $20,000?

Prince’s handwritten draft script for his 1986 musical comedy Under the Cherry Moon will star in a dedicated sale of his memorabilia at RR Auction.

The movie is an oddball romp about two gigolos trying to scam an heiress out of her inheritance.

Prince Cherry Moon

Prince wrote and directed Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

It was a monumental flop, savaged by critics and ignored by audiences. It picked up five Golden Raspberrys at the Razzie awards, including Worst Picture.

However, in recent years the movie has been edging towards cult success.

Critic Matthew De Abaitua wrote in a 2003 review for Film4: “For a preposterous vanity project and notorious cinematic turkey, Under the Cherry Moon is actually rather charming, rakish and amusing.”

The notebook features 15 single-sided pages of dialogue, most of which remains unchanged in the movie.

The auction house comments: “It is rare to have so much of Prince's handwriting in a single item, and outstanding to see the evolution of his creative thought process as it was committed to paper.

“His sense of humor shines in this script, and that it so closely resembles the final product makes it all the more remarkable.”

The piece is valued in excess of $25,000 ahead of the September 14-27 sale.

Other highlights include a pair of banana yellow boots Prince wore on stage during the 1987 Sign o’ the Times tour (valued at upwards of $12,000) and a handwritten essay published in the 1988 Lovesexy tour programme, which is expected to make above $8,000.  

The value of Prince’s memorabilia has soared since his death last year. His iconic Yellow Cloud guitar achieved $137,000 in June 2016, well above its $30,000 estimate.

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