Original Robert Johnson record estimated to make $6,000

An original record of Robert Johnson's Walkin' Blues and Sweet Home Chicago (1937) is to lead a sale of blues memorabilia at Slotin Folk Art in Georgia on April 27.

It's expected to make $4,000-6,000.

Robert Johnson Vocalion
Robert Johnson is regarded as one of the greatest blues singers of all time

The record was released by Vocalion, a label founded in 1916 that issued a series of field recordings of gospel and blues artists.

The sessions took place in Texas and yielded 29 songs, which make up his entire discography. The majority were released in 1937.

A year later Johnson was dead, supposedly poisoned by a jealous husband after flirting with his wife.

A signed magazine photograph of Louis Armstrong is valued at $4,000-6,000.

It features the dedication "Best Wishes To My Pal, To "The Mezz" from your boy, Louis Satchmo Armstrong" and is dated November 11, 1934.

During the time, Armstrong was touring extensively across the United States as the Depression made it difficult to find steady work.

"The Mezz" is Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow, a jazz saxophonist and clarinettist who worked alongside greats like Sidney Bechet and also briefly managed Armstrong.

He was so well known for his enthusiastic sale and consumption of marijuana that "Mezz" came to be used as a colloquialism for the plant among jazz musicians.

We have this exceptional musical manuscript featuring original music from John Coltrane.  

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