Napoleon Bonaparte pocket watch gift could exceed $22,500

A pocket watch given by Napoleon Bonaparte to a deputy is offered with a minimum bid of $22,500 at Nate D Sanders.

It's the headline lot of a sale of memorabilia that is due to close on September 24.

Napoleon Bonaparte watch
Napoleon Bonaparte gave the watch to Baron Desgenettes in 1810

Baron Rene-Nicolas Dufriche Desgenettes led the medical arm of the French army and was personally awarded his title by Napoleon in 1810.

He was held in very high regard by the emperor and served with him throughout his most famous campaigns.

However, the two men were often at loggerheads - particularly after Desgenettes refused to euthanize soldiers infected with the bubonic plague during the 1799 siege of Jaffa.

The lot is engraved: ''Jn Javel a Geneve / L'Empereur au docteur baron des Genets 1812''.

Memorabilia pertaining to Bonaparte is always in high demand. Earlier this year one of his bicorne hats sold for £386,500 ($595,210).

We have an authentic strand of Napoleon's hair for sale.

Other lots offered in the sale include an August 1963 8mm film of the Beatles playing at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool that could make in excess of $14,000.

It's the earliest known colour footage of the band with full transfer copyright. It has never been shown in its entirety, a factor that is likely to increase its value.

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