Lady Gaga: collectible icon of the future

It's hard to miss Lady Gaga at the moment. Everywhere you turn, her face is plastered on a poster or bobbing around in one of her spectacular outfits.

Lady Gaga The Fame
Since debut album The Fame, Gaga's been hard to miss, whether in the newspaper, or on radio or TV

The hype surrounding her career, the screaming fans, the high-profile appearances echo that of many musicians before her; musicians that have gone on to become some of the most beloved, and collectible, icons today.

It's easy to see that Gaga is confidently striding in the footsteps of those before her. Her whole persona is essentially a composite of past stars: the showmanship of Michael Jackson, the chameleon-like costumes of David Bowie, the sex appeal of Madonna…

Gaga makes no secret of the fact that she shares Madonna's 'blond ambition'


In many ways, the two are alike. Both are known for their dazzling stage performances. Both have advanced lyrical content in pop music (sometimes controversially), have established acting careers, and both are heavily influenced by the ultimate iconic blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.

And, perhaps most importantly, both are unashamed in their quest for domination of the pop charts.

They say that history repeats itself. Well, if that's true, with Madonna hailing as one of the most collectible female pop stars today, we may have just found our most sought-after icon of the future.

Like Madonna, her jaw-dropping stage costumes, signed items, movie memorabilia and records may be selling for huge sums in the coming years. But Lady Gaga has something that Madonna doesn't; the internet.

Gaga's Little Monsters are incredibly dedicated to the singer, ensuring that any sale of her memorabilia is met with success

The web has enabled Gaga to reach a wider fan base than Madonna could ever have dreamed of back in '83 when her debut album first brought her to the attention of the world. As such, Gaga's dedicated following of "Little Monsters" have grown to be some of the most fiercely loyal of any star today, and have ensured that her memorabilia is already selling in the thousands - Life-size Gagadolls are expected to fly off the shelves.

But it's the personal, rare items that reach the highest prices. A teacup that Gaga used sold for $75,000 in 2011, however, this was a charity auction for Tsunami relief and real auction values haven't quite reached those levels… yet.

At Julien's in December 2011, a dress worn by Lady Gaga for a magazine shoot sold for $31,250, along with a prop machine gun from the Born This Way music video, which made $7,680.

Even leading art auction house Phillips has consigned Lady Gaga collectibles to its prestigious auctions, with photographs taken of the star by Nobuyishi Araki selling for £4,750 ($7,782).

Her signed Steinway piano sold for $42,500 through Charitybuzz in 2011.

Lady Gaga
Doing her bit: Lady Gaga's items are often seen in charity auctions

Some sources even go so far as to cite Jeff Koons' association with Gaga as being one of the driving factors in the $55m sale of his Balloon Dog (the record for any piece of art by a living artist), such is the power of Gaga's draw. Koons has designed Gaga's album covers and sculptures for her performances.

Let's not forget that Lady Gaga is a collector herself. After a highly-publicised purchase of 55 Michael Jacskon costumes, she announced that she is interested in buying his famous Neverland home. That's aside from her huge fashion collection.  

Lady Gaga leather harness dress
This leather harness dress is available through PFC Auctions

And it's this knowledge of collectibles that makes the likelihood of her memorabilia becoming highly sought-after almost a certainty. Lady Gaga has previously stated that she keeps the vast majority of her stage costumes - such as the infamous meat dress - in her own personal collection, resulting in a high demand met with a very limited supply.

That's why PFC Auctions is excited to have three Lady Gaga-worn outfits for sale in its latest auction. Each a fantastic example of the singer's inimitable style, these could prove to be a lucrative investment for the future, when Lady Gaga takes on Madonna's mantle as the Queen of Pop.

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