Kanye West Yeezy IIs to cause a stir in online auction

A unique pair of Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers will be sold as part of an online charity auction, which will open on January 24.

Signed Kayne West Yeezy II
The safety of an online auction ensures that robberies will not ensue, but you may want to keep these locked away

The shoes are perhaps the most coveted among sneaker obsessives, having been designed by the US rapper himself. They caused a storm upon their 2012 release, as collectors competed over the 3,000-5,000 pairs sold globally.

Reports of seven men being robbed after waiting in line for days for the shoes were seen in an Illinois newspaper, while one bidder paid $80,000 for a pre-release pair on eBay, according to TMZ.

The size 10.5 pair at auction is sure to cause a similar furore, having been worn by West personally and signed on the sides. Further increasing their appeal are the words: "SAMPLE PROPERTY OF NIKE INC NOT FOR RESALE", which have been printed on the interior, adding to their exclusivity.

signed Kayne West Yeezy II sneakers
This unique pair will make their lucky owner the envy of sneakerheads across the globe

In an effort to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the shoes will be joined at auction by a number of celebrity donated items. Included is the current Prince of Monaco's book on his family history, a signed and kissed book from Kate Moss and a set of bronze cassette sculptures donated by REM's Michael Stipe.

This isn't the first charity auction that Kanye West has contributed to - the Maybach '57 that he and Jay-Z drove in the video for Otis sold for $60,000 in March 2012 to raise money for Save the Children.

A Jay-Z signed Brooklyn Nets jersey sold for $1,910 in November 2012, with proceeds donated to Jay-Z's own Shawn Carter Foundation.


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