John Lennon's last document selling at RR Auction

The last document John Lennon ever signed is selling at RR Auction.

It's a paper appointing three proxies (named as Neil Aspinall, Peter Michau, and Nicholas Baker) to represent him at the annual general meetings of various companies he was involved with - including Apple Corps.

John Lennon last
John Lennon signed this document on the day he died

It's dated December 8, 1980.

Later that day, Lennon would be shot dead outside his Central Park apartment by mentally ill fan Mark Chapman.

The auction house comments: "Remarkable in itself as a Lennon-signed document related to the Beatles from 1980, the December 8 date gives it overwhelming historical significance."

It's estimated to sell for in excess of $40,000 and is likely to achieve substantially more than that figure - such is its importance.

The last autograph Lennon signed before he was killed (while at a recording studio on the evening of December 8) was offered for $100,000 in 2010.

Eerily enough, Lennon also signed an album for his killer at 5pm - just a few hours before Chapman murdered him.

It was later used as evidence.

We're offering a historic Lennon signature from 1980 for substantially less.

A copy of Led Zeppelin's debut album, signed by all four members of the band, is expected to beat $20,000.

Material relating to the group is rare despite their enormous level of influence. The present lot could become one of the most valuable pieces of signed Led Zeppelin memorabilia ever sold.

By contrast, a signed copy of Led Zeppelin II recently sold for $6,500.

The present item is inscribed to Jimmy Fox of the James Gang, the band that opened for Zeppelin on a 1969 US tour.

Fox states in a letter of provenance: "By the third show, I felt comfortable enough to bring my copy of their first album along with the intent of asking each member of the band to sign it.

"This was accomplished back at the hotel after the show that evening, when each member of the group kindly signed the album cover for me."

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