John Lennon detention sheet valued at $4,600

One of John Lennon's detention sheets will auction at Sotheby's.

It's valued at £2,000-3,000 ($3,052-4,578) ahead of a sale of rock and pop memorabilia in London on September 29.

John Lennon detention
John Lennon received numerous detentions during his time at school

The lot, which dates to 1955-1956, was rescued from a bonfire at Quarry Bank High School during the 1970s.

Lennon was a pupil there from 1952 and used the name as the inspiration for his first band, the Quarrymen.

Sotheby's relates the list of Lennon's transgressions: "'No Hwk' [homework] and continuing with ...'Impertinence'...'Talk after 2 warnings' and 'Further talk'.

 "John's lack of homework is reported on three further occasions, other misdemeanours include: 'Groaning at me...', 'Nuisance in class' (mentioned four times), 'silly conduct', 'Foolish remarks', 'Disturbance', 'Inattention', 'Not wearing school cap', 'Very late' and 'Failing to report for class detention...'"

The lot is likely significantly undervalued, having previously sold for £8,437 ($12,880) at Track's Auction in 2013.

The sale will also include the first contract the Beatles signed with Brian Epstein in 1962. It's expected to make up to £500,000 ($763,012).

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