Jerry Garcia love letters to cross the block at RR Auction

Two love letters from Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia to a Vogue model are to cross the block at RR Auction on January 22 with a minimum bid of $500.

The letters, which are offered as a single lot, date to June 1982.

Garcia love letter
Jerry Garcia sent the letters to a Vogue model in the early 1980s

The first reads in part: "Thank you really for sending that postcard, I feel like it's sort of our first 'official' communication somehow. I've been hoping we could get together ever since we first met at Al's that winter nite so long ago (sigh)…However it seems as tho…(Hey! My pen stopped writing)."

Following a change of pens he continues: "I admit I've kind of been waiting for the opportunity (that is, the 'right' opportunity) for us to meet in some kind of neutral context that would be comfortable and relaxed and free of any pressure.

"Of course it could be years before any such opportunity arises, so…this is just a long winded way of saying thank you for writing."

It also displays a sketch of a recent Grateful Dead show at the University of California, Berkeley's Greek Theater.

The second letter continues in a similar vein and includes references to the Falklands War and the birth of Prince William.

The auction house comments: "The rarity of this handwritten letter cannot be overstated—research indicates no others ever being on the market—even Garcia himself noted, 'this is the first letter I've written in years.'"

"The unique sketch he drew of the Grateful Dead's historic home-base venue, the Greek Theater, is particularly poignant as it relates to their Bay Area roots—this year marks the band's 50th Anniversary."

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