Jackson's Pepsi Ferrari auctions for $80,000

A 1986 Ferrari Testarossa driven by Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial has auctioned for $80,100 on eBay.

The car, which was sold by a collector in Hollywood, was made into a convertible at a cost of $40,000 at the time the commercial was filmed and was driven by Jackson himself. It has been in storage ever since.

The Ferrari Testarossa was made into a convertible
at a cost of $40,000

The series of four adverts, released in 1987, was titled The Chase. They featured Jackson, as himself, attempting to escape from paparazzi and fans.

In previous years memorabilia pertaining to Michael Jackson has sold well. The record price paid for an item at auction is $1.8m, achieved in 2011 for the iconic red jacket he wore in the video for Thriller.

Gloves have also proven popular, including one he wore to perform on the Motown 25th anniversary awards show, and another worn on his Bad tour, that auctioned for $420,000 and $330,000, respectively.

Items that are linked to a particular performance that proves to be a defining moment in the career of a celebrity can become enormously valuable. This is why a single glove or a jacket can cost more than a Ferrari!

A number of sports cars owned by or associated with celebrities have come to auction in recent months - including a Lamborghini Miura SV owned by Rod Stewart that sold for £919,900 ($1.5m) at the weekend.

The white Lotus Esprit that featured in The Spy Who Loved Me made £500,000 (861,767) at RM Auctions in London last week.

We are currently able to offer strands of Michael Jackson's hair from the infamous 1984 Pepsi commercial, in which his hair caught on fire.

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