Here's the proof that Elvis Lives

Think Elvis is yesterday's news?

Think again.

A huge exhibition is set to open at London's O2 next month. More than 300 artefacts are going on display - all direct from Graceland. It is the largest Elvis exhibition Europe has seen.

It proves what I've been seeing in the collectibles sector for years.

Elvis signed photo
We recently sold this Elvis signed photo from his army days for £2,950

That Elvis is more popular than ever.

Pieces include Elvis' house keys, the signed champagne bottle from Elvis and Priscilla's wedding, the pool table he used when the Beatles visited, and the American Eagle jumpsuit he wore in Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii.

Oh, and a pink Cadillac.

Huge crowds are expected.

Which may surprise some. But not me.

I've seen Elvis' signed photos increase in value by 11.6% per annum since 2000, from £750 ($1,187) to £3,000 ($4,748). And earlier this year the jumpsuit Elvis wore in the famous MGM documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is auctioned for $197,000.

Yes, Elvis Presley and his memorabilia are going from strength to strength.

And former wife, Priscilla, believes that fans' adulation is greater now than during the King's lifetime.

"We knew he was popular, he had fans all over the world, but somehow the connection he had with people goes beyond what I ever saw before," she told the Evening Standard.

"He loved the fans, he gave so much. It's passed on to children, grandchildren. There is that fascination that has continued."

Elvis' estate made $55m in the 12 months to October 2014 from record sales, photos, TV shows - you name it. That places him at number two on Forbes' 2014 dead celebrities list.

So what does Elvis' growing popularity mean for you, the collector?

Two things.

1. If you're thinking of buying Elvis memorabilia, do it sooner rather than later, as prices are on the up. They are set to increase at an even faster rate as we approach the 50th anniversary commemorations of his death, in 2027.

2. If you're at all interested in making money from collecting rare music memorabilia - Elvis is worthy of your attention. Whisky collectors often buy two bottles of a rare bottling. They will drink one and sell the other to fund their hobby. Why not do the same with Elvis? Buy two autographs. Keep one in your collection and sell the other in a few years' time for a potential profit?

So if you want to buy rare Elvis memorabilia before prices go up, get in touch. Whether it's a signed photo, a stage worn costume or one of the King's cars.

Call +44 (0)117 933 9500 or email

We're experts at sourcing the world's finest collectibles.

And if you're on a budget, look at this very unusual piece of Elvis memorabilia.

Until next week


PS. The exhibition opens on December 12 and runs until August 31. Click here for tickets.

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