Grateful Dead He's Gone lyrics valued at up to $150,000

Robert Hunter's original lyrics to the Grateful Dead song He's Gone are expected to make up to $150,000 in a dedicated sale of memorabilia at Donley Auction in Union, Illinois on April 11-12.

The Grateful Dead Family Jubilee Auction will feature a wealth of pieces, many of which have been consigned by friends and employees of the band.

Hes Gone Grateful
He's Gone was written after the band's manager made off with their money in 1970

He's Gone was written after the band's then manager, Lenny Hart, disappeared with a sizeable portion of their funds in 1970. His son, Mickey Hart, was the band's drummer at the time.

The lyrics to Fire on the Mountain, written out by Mickey Hart, are expected to make up to $45,000.

The sheet also displays a set list on the reverse, which is believed to be in Jerry Garcia's handwriting.

The auction house comments: "Members of the Dead, as well as Robert Hunter very seldom hand wrote song lyrics out either partially or in their entirety and that is why they are so unbelievably rare and generally never seen or even heard of.

"In terms of scarcity dozens of hand written Beatles lyrics have surfaced over the decades, yet fewer than half a dozen hand written Grateful Dead lyrics have in this time."

The sale takes place as the band celebrates its 50-year anniversary with three final concerts in Chicago in July.

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