Elvis Presley's contract outfit estimated to auction for $40,000+

The custom Lansky Brothers outfit worn by Elvis Presley to the signing of his contract with RCA in 1955 is to cross the block at Heritage Auctions on August 23.

It's estimated to make in excess of $40,000.

Elvis Presley RCA
Presley's father had to sign his contract as Elvis was still a minor in 1955

The contract was a hugely important moment in Elvis' career, kicking off his ascension to superstardom.

At the time, he was well known across the southernmost states of the US. 

A run of singles on Sun records had received massive airtime on local radio stations and his concerts were whipping teenagers into a frenzy.

Naturally, this sparked a bidding war for his contract with Sun, which RCA won with a bid of $40,000 - then a huge sum of money for a new artist.

Presley wore the ensemble to the company's offices on October 27, 1955, where he posed for a series of publicity photos that later appeared on the reverse of his debut album.

It consists of a salmon pink shirt with black woollen trousers and a black fleck-patterned sports coat, and is described as being in "excellent condition with little wear, even at the collar and cuffs."

He later presented it to his uncle Vestor, who sold it on later to a private collector.

On August 14, a major auction of Elvis memorabilia will take place at Graceland.

We have this incredible signed photograph taken during Elvis' army days.

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